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Bookkeeping, Accounting

2019 Finalist – CFO of the Year, Consultant of the Year, & Marketing Program of the Year

Sarah is a certified practising accountant with proficiency in specialising in compliance and reporting, process automation, CFO advisory, tracking financial metrics what on earth am I even reading right now…

Hi there, I’m Sarah. I’m an industry disruptor and the Founder of Hot Toast, a new breed of accounting firm that focuses on growing companies in the creative and tech startup industries.

I feel your pain when you deal with us. We’re left-brained analytically analytical creatures who may as well be speaking in foreign tongues. You’re right-brained touchy-feely creatures with a yearning desire to create and uncover human truths.

We don’t usually mesh. Which is why we don’t see each other very often.

But you and I will.

At age eight, I ditched Barbie to watch Business Sunday with Dad. Coming out of the awkward years unscathed, I went on to receive a Bachelor of Finance and later qualified as a CPA. Next in line will be an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

I worked in the UK perfecting the art of finance for small and medium-sized companies throughout Europe and took this valuable knowledge back home with me.

So why will we connect so well? Because I’ve immersed myself in film, media, advertising and marketing companies. I’ve walked in your shoes and I speak your language.

I know that as a creative company, you’re a storyteller at heart. A stargazer. You dream big ideas and wake up chasing them down to gift the world. Only, numbers get in the way.

Me? I’m a storyteller at heart too. A number whisperer. I chase down the complexities of these numbers to uncover big insights, big ideas and big opportunities to help grow your business.

Less bean counting. More innovation, technology and big ideas.

Say hi to the new wave of accountants. Maybe we’re not so different after all.