Technology Never Showcased before in Australia

“My Vision is to create a leaderless firm, making myself redundant to enjoy doing whatever I want” – Andrew Van De Beek

How to Develop & Manage Talent in 80% Less Time Per Week

This app blows everything else out of the water. Team engagement is up 8% and we’re saving a whopping 80% of managerial time! – Amanda Kenafake

The most efficient firms in Australia on stage

Hear and learn from the most efficient and effective Accounting firms in Australia. The systems, processes, technology & culture that creates a >50% EBITDA

The Secret to Advisory Success You Must Learn

Your strategy, structure & evolution into Advisory services is much more manageable than you think or have seen before

The Fastest Growing Firms in Australia will blow your mind

From $0 to $850K in 4 years. From $0 to $1.3M in 2 years, and from $3M to $31M in 6.5 years! Golden secrets to success from the horses mouth

Succession - Will you work less YET earn more? - Learn How

Australia’s #1 Advisor on Growth & Succession & NAB, a winning formula. Learn the lessons from >120 Buy, Sell, & Merger Accounting firm transactions over 17 years

Accountants Big Day Out Roadshow 2019

“Technology, Talent, Efficiency, Advisory, Growth & Succession”

The ABDO Roadshow 2018 is unlike any other. Limited seating, intimate and interactive, this event provides you with 100% CPD compliant education to enlighten you and your firm.

Access to the intel and the providers with NO SELLING from the stage

Expressions of interest

  • The hottest Technology in the profession today
  • How your team engagement will make or break your firms’ adoption and use of technology
  • How you can attract, engage and benefit from building a world-class team of Accountants and support staff more effectively than ever before
  • How to automate up to 80% of your role as a leader/manager of people
  • The three levels of Business Advisory, where to start, how to win new business, and scale up thereafter
  • What tech and apps the young gun accountants are relying on for growth and success
  • How regional firms are gaining free press to roll out advisory services
  • The 7 key steps to move your firm to the cloud that reduces risk and staff frustrations
  • When to go cloud and when to keep a traditional server

Accountants Big Day Out Roadshow 2018 is where you will learn how to combine the integration of talent, change management, ROI, and hear directly from some of the most systemised, productive and profitable firms in Australia.

  • The “Tech Stack” that explodes your profitability and advisory potential
  • What accounting firms are recommending – white paper provided to attendees
  • Why Microsoft Office 365 should be core to your firm
  • An unbiased update on the Accounting Software Market
  • How to use technology to increase staff performance in less managerial time
  • IT infrastructure to run a modern practice
  • Importing and Exporting from MYOB AE / AO & Handisoft into Xero back and forth with ease

Learn about an exciting new all in one tech platform for team management!

In a world where employee performance management is a manual, time-consuming process, and difficult to measure, we have the technology platform to proactively manage conversations, feedback, reviews, goals & KPI’s, all with trends & reports to the direct manager… always looking forward with LIVE data, linking the companies values, competencies & vision to individual and team performance.

  • Reduce your leadership & management contact time by 80%
  • Increase manager level productivity by up to $50K per manager per year
  • Improve employee engagement by as much as 100%
  • Integrate your firms’ goals and align them with your team members’
  • Increase motivation, focus, productivity and accountability
  • Australia’s most profitable and systemised $1.6M firm only 5.2 FTE headcount and NO outsourcing
  • Take a Manager’s responsibility time from 6 hours to 20 minutes a week
  • Assess, measure, manage and grow your Learning & Development by 100%!

Learn about the three categories of Business Advisory and which ones are easiest to deliver and achieve the highest engagement and are scalable, and which ones are like brain surgery and difficult to scale, and can cause leakage of profit and growth in your own core business.

  • Business Advisory software and services options
  • Business Intelligence vs’ Advisory – the difference & how to capitalize here and now
  • Winning $50K clients – how to do it regularly
  • Virtual CFO that works, pricing, packaging, and implementation case studies
  • Bookkeeping – how one firm added $100K in revenue in less than 6 months

What Accountants want to know and capitalize on;

  • What is Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Microsoft Power BI background and why it’s a perfect fit for the accountant
  • Microsoft Power BI versus Spotlight/Fathom/Futrli
  • A live demonstration of what you can do with core accounting data (Xero/MYOB/Quickbooks)
  • Operational data with BI (Vend/SimPro/Vinsight)
  • Combining web data with accounting data in Power BI (suburban population/size/demographics, foreign exchange, BOM weather, etc)
  • What is the investment, time, training, and implementation
  • What do SME’s say about the value adds
  • Know what all your options truly are
  • Weighing up the probability of success
  • How to increase your odds of success
  • When to sell, when to merge, and when to dilute
  • Can you have your cake and eat it too?
  • Case studies of 1-2 partner firms becoming Rock Star Accountants
  • Case studies of 1-2 partner firms merging for growth and succession
  • Case studies of 1-2 partner firms that are missing their capital value realisation
  • Cloud Practice Management Software options and migration case studies
  • The Xero Partner Journey – Meet the firm that astonished Xero themselves, from Silver to Gold status in 3 business days!
  • Financial Planning integration – how we created a $1M balance sheet and $10K net bonus cheque per month in only 2 years from $0 base
  • Marketing strategies – regional firms getting free radio, press, and PR
  • DIY or Done for You – live case studies that work
  • Outsourcing strategies that perform well and poorly (what not to do)


“Technology, Talent, Efficiency, Advisory, Growth & Succession”
John Peterson
John Peterson

Speaker (Event Host)

Australia's leading Growth & Succession Expert for Accountants. No one has created more equity dilutions, junior partner buy-ins, advised on more buy sell merger transactions or mentored more organic growth success stories
Andrew Van De Beek
Andrew Van De Beek

Speaker (Key Speaker)

2018 Thought leader of the Year - $0 to $1M in 4 years. 32 yo. "My Vision is to create a leaderless firm, making myself redundant to enjoy doing whatever I want"
2018 Business Intelligence Firm of the Year - $8M t/over, have developed their own B.I. IP and now dramatically improving management efficiencies & team engagement
2018 Accountant Of The Year, Young Leaders in Finance Awards - $0 to $1.3M t/over in 2 years! - The fastest growing firm in Australia right now - The New Business Magnet
2018 Firm "Innovator of the Year" at the Australian Accounting Awards, acknowledging those best developing and capitalising on innovation
Best Practice National Accounting firm of the Year 2018 - $1.6M t/over with 5.2 FTE. - One of the fastest ever Xero XPM conversions in 3 weeks - $0 chargeable time
Best Practice National Young Gun of the Year 2018 - $0 to $850K in 4.5 years - <20% chargeable time
Accounting futurist and CEO of Accodex. Speaker at Accountex, AB Expo, Xerocon, QBConnect and CountX. Contributor to AccountingWeb, GoingConcern, Accountants Daily and Editor's Choice Award Winner
Author of "Xero for Dummies" - Chartered Accountant & leading authority on the add-on marketplace ecosystem, a YouTube channel (with 1M views) and hosts the Cloud Stories podcast all centered around Cloud App solutions
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