“Technology, Talent, Efficiency, Advisory, Growth & Succession”
John Peterson
John Peterson

Speaker (Event Host)

Australia's leading Growth & Succession Expert for Accountants. No one has created more equity dilutions, junior partner buy-ins, advised on more buy sell merger transactions or mentored more organic growth success stories
Andrew Van De Beek
Andrew Van De Beek

Speaker (Key Speaker)

2018 Thought leader of the Year - $0 to $1M in 4 years. 32 yo. "My Vision is to create a leaderless firm, making myself redundant to enjoy doing whatever I want"
2018 Business Intelligence Firm of the Year - $8M t/over, have developed their own B.I. IP and now dramatically improving management efficiencies & team engagement
2018 Accountant Of The Year, Young Leaders in Finance Awards - $0 to $1.3M t/over in 2 years! - The fastest growing firm in Australia right now - The New Business Magnet
2018 Firm "Innovator of the Year" at the Australian Accounting Awards, acknowledging those best developing and capitalising on innovation
Best Practice National Accounting firm of the Year 2018 - $1.6M t/over with 5.2 FTE. - One of the fastest ever Xero XPM conversions in 3 weeks - $0 chargeable time
Best Practice National Young Gun of the Year 2018 - $0 to $850K in 4.5 years - <20% chargeable time
Accounting futurist and CEO of Accodex. Speaker at Accountex, AB Expo, Xerocon, QBConnect and CountX. Contributor to AccountingWeb, GoingConcern, Accountants Daily and Editor's Choice Award Winner
Author of "Xero for Dummies" - Chartered Accountant & leading authority on the add-on marketplace ecosystem, a YouTube channel (with 1M views) and hosts the Cloud Stories podcast all centered around Cloud App solutions
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