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2018 Accountant Of The Year, Young Leaders in Finance Awards – $0 to $1.3M t/over in 2 years! – The fastest growing firm in Australia right now – The New Business Magnet

31 yo – Richmond VIC
Young Leaders in Finance Awards – Accountant of the Year
$0 – $1.3M in two years!

New business success unsurpassed by any other firm. Jason’s use of professional selling techniques is superb and something every accountant should learn from. Jason’s team and culture development also remarkable and provides great insight into how dynamic firms are attracting talent.

Jason Robinson lives and breathes success habits and disciplines, and therefore he is successful. Come and learn why he is a 2018 award winner and what these success principles are and how you can apply them in your firm.

As a CPA accredited tax accountant and co-founder of RBK Advisory, Jason’s passion is to guide individuals and SMEs through their maze of financial options. He gets to the core of the bigger picture about what you – as a business owner and an individual – want to achieve with your life. And he maps out a personalised tax strategy that will assist you in realising your personal and business success.

Jason is beyond passionate about achieving this for his clients. He takes “going the extra mile” to another level because as a business owner himself, he understands the challenges you may be facing. He’s been there and done that, so he knows your financial pain points personally, and he works closely with you to alleviate these.

Because he believes every one of his clients should fully understand their options, Jason also converts complex tax jargon into simple, easy to understand language. He places a high premium on forming close personal relationships with each one of his clients, large or small because he understands that you are trusting him to look after one of the most important parts of your life.

This “relationships first” mentality pervades every aspect of the culture at RBK Advisory.

Whether you’re dealing with Jason or one of his trusted colleagues, you will always be dealing with someone who genuinely cares about forming a long-term relationship with you and your business. Every advisor at RBK is driven by the goal of building your personal success and happiness.