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The bookkeeper who became a strategic $1M business advisor

Diane Lucas (@DianeLucasAU) is passionate about helping business owners and industry colleagues simplify and grow their businesses with systems that are effective and innovative.

Diane’s passion for the accounting industry has helped her to excel in her field.

As an Intuit QuickBooks Online specialist she was the first Australian ProAdvisor to be certified in QuickBooks Online, is a Top 100 ProAdvisor 4 years running and the International ProAdvisor of 2016.

More recently Diane was recognized as ‘Bookkeeper of the Year’, receiving the coveted Australian Accounting Award in 2017, and twice receiving the Women in Finance award 2017 & 2018.

Diane’s ever-growing public profile coupled with a desire to give back, has led her on a new journey – that of a public speaker. Diane speaks on topics that inspire and motivate as well as educate. In 2018 Diane was invited to speak at the industry conference AccountEx UK (London) about building a business beyond bookkeeping.

Diane’s passion for cloud technology as a tool to enhance business processes has prompted her to create a Facebook group called ‘Cloud Storm’, a platform for SaaS software vendors and financial industry businesses interested in collaborating during the cloud journey.

Her business Direct Management specialises in helping to ‘Simplify Business’, specifically using cloud based solutions. Accountants appreciate the benefits these innovations bring to business and that is why Direct Management is known as ‘the Bookkeepers Accountants want you to use’.

Business owners seek the advice of Direct Management as the team is focused on outcomes. They take time to understand the businesses needs and wants, putting appropriate solutions together to drive those outcomes effectively.

As an extension to the services provided by Direct Management, Diane offers advisory and mentoring services to hand-picked businesses who are driven to write the next chapter of their journey.