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Cameron Lynch

Microsoft Power BI Expert

Chartered Accountant, Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, Big Data and Automated Reporting Expert.

Cameron is a Chartered Accountant and the founder of the Etani Business Platform. He believes he can help businesses survive and prosper in today’s disruptive environment.

Cameron is experienced with Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, Big Data and implementing cloud-based solutions to streamline reporting systems.

Live data has a significant role to play in assisting businesses to make wiser decisions, both now and in the future. Cameron’s passion is driven by the concept of creating vehicles to help businesses and people prosper.

Cameron worked previously in Consolidated Financial Reporting. Every month, a team of accountants would send the subsidiary financial accounting data to existing, pre-filled tabs on numerous Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for consolidation.

While this may sound like smooth sailing, all it would take is for one person to hit the wrong key in the wrong cell, paste data into an incorrect tab, or add an additional column, without updating the SUM formula, and everything was corrupted. It was impossible to retain the integrity of all the accumulated data.

Imagine this scenario:
You walk into a meeting with your Board of Directors, armed only with your phone, tablet or laptop, containing live consolidated management reports. Your device can continually review all marketing, sales, finance and operations data in one place at any time. (For example, in the meeting). You can access updated information and answer all questions raised in the meeting, saving everybody a great deal of time.

Finally, Cameron has created the most powerful and diverse new system, the culmination of years of experience, searching, testing, learning and an overwhelming passion to be the best.

Introducing the Etani Business Platform.