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Andrew Van De Beek

Speaker (Key Speaker)

2018 Thought leader of the Year – $0 to $1M in 4 years. 32 yo. “My Vision is to create a leaderless firm, making myself redundant to enjoy doing whatever I want”

34 yo
$0 – $1M t/over in 4 years
Accounting Thought Leader of the Year 2018

Dynamic marketing and branding strategy constantly winning new business and repositioning accounting as an advisory service. Your partners must take notice of Andrew and the others on stage for they are scoffing up market share like candy from a baby.

“It is with great privilege that I get to work with a number of focused, driven and intuitive people, providing them with a sound source of financial advice to help see them grow from strength to strength.

I am passionate about working with people to help their business and investment performance meet their life goals and dreams. Knowing why they choose to do what they do puts everything into perspective. I am keenly interested in working with new businesses and original ideas helping to discover ideal business software and technologies to help them succeed whilst providing the right level of advice for their any need or concern.

In order to successfully do this, I see the need to move away from the stereotypes that have covered the profession in the past. A position where importance is given to ethical, reliable and genuine relationships with clients is paramount. It is only then that real change and growth can begin.

Working in the accounting industry over the last decade has given me valuable experience which I now continue to build on in my role with illumin8 partners. I love working with my team and clients and firmly believe that business can be fun and interesting!”

Specialties: SME’s business advisory services, Cloud Software (Xero et all), tax planning, outsourced financial management roles, business efficiency consulting.