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Lisa Andrews

Accountant – CA

CEO Australia GIC at Singularity University, serial entrepreneur and 2018 Hunter Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Lisa Andrews, after experiencing adversity in her life, decided to focus on positive momentum – with an intention to be a part of the global conversation to make the world a better place.

Having a data, engineering and financial background, she is on a mission to pave the way to give everyone a fair start in life and then maximise the human potential at each stage throughout life.

Lisa is currently working on projects with organisations such as Singularity University, the United Nations, ACTAI, the Extreme Tech Challenge, Arm, Treasure Data,, Ocean Elders, Unicef, EO, GSEA, GES 2019 and many others. All with a focus on solving the world’s greatest challenges with exponential technologies – the first step being achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the second creating a vision for the world in the next 100 years.

A serial entrepreneur, in 2018 she won the Hunter Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of the Year, is a founder and part owner in several companies including Ignite Alliance that all focus on profit with purpose.
In her spare time you’ll find her reading, travelling to exotic locations or kite surfing.