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Australia’s leading Growth & Succession Expert for Accountants. No one has created more equity dilutions, junior partner buy-ins, advised on more buy sell merger transactions or mentored more organic growth success stories

“At sixteen and perhaps somewhat due to the breakdown of my parents’ marriage, I dropped out of high school and entered the workforce. Fortunately, Australian Directory Services (Yellow Pages) recognized something in a lost eighteen-year-old and employed me at the height of their powers in the history of print media advertising.

At age twenty-six I was employed by the world’s leading fortune 500 management consultant, Jack Zenger, joining his team of 1,500 employees worldwide. That was THE game changer for me and the kid who knew how to communicate and attract customers embarked on a life-changing journey to the top of the management consulting world.

HR & Leadership were hot in the mid 90’s and I accepted the CEO’s role to take John Robertson’s Dubai based recruitment company into the Asia Pacific and if all went well, worldwide thereafter. We grew the business rapidly from $1M USD to $15M USD in less than 3 years and I was lucky enough live and work in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sydney, honing business development strategies and sub-niche market penetration skills across hundreds of verticals.

Eight years out of Melbourne, I launched my own business there remotely from level 65 of Martin Place Sydney during August 2000 with an old mate from Yellow Pages. I would soon relocate to join him there after the Sydney Olympics which were memorable in every way.

Four years later Bankwest asked us to assist with their east coast expansion and we headhunted eighty-eight senior executives out of the traditional players in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney in less than 3 years. With the GFC looming I moved completely into public accounting away from multiple industry sectors.

So Why Accounting?

Accountants are amazing at all the things I’m really crap at. I learned to accept financial illiteracy some years ago and when I let quality Accountants into my business and my life, it was like unlocking my full potential. Today I have multiple Accountants advising me on all my own business interests, participating on my boards at my side, for they have my back and its just so reassuring to have diverse thinking and advice on tap. I want to help more Accountants elevate themselves above their own compliance businesses so they can deliver more for the SME community of Australia than most do today. It’s not easy to run a compliance practice the way they have been run for years and actually be a business advisor at the same time. Accountants must move with the times and some of the things Accountants aren’t so good at are some of the things that come naturally to me.

After assisting 1 – 5 partner firms with growth and succession, advised on >120 buy, sell, mergers, building more than 200 websites for accountants, privately mentoring more than 600 firms for over somewhere between 12-48 months each, achieving countless succession plans from within each practice, and delivering one-off consulting workshops for over 1,800 firms Australia wide, I guess you could say I’ve become passionate about understanding what Accountants want, and then helping them achieve their objectives through practical models and systems that work”.

John is Australia’s leading Succession Planning Expert to the Accounting sector providing elite expertise in;

  • Leadership
  • Business Advisory
  • Change Management
  • Customer Service
  • Value adding & Packaging of Services
  • Marketing
  • Organic & New Business Growth strategies
  • Recruitment, Team Building and Culture Development
  • Equity Partner buy-ins/outs
  • Buy, Sell, and Merger transactions

John Peterson is an #1 Amazon International Best-Selling Author, Business Advisor, Coach and Educator. John is the Founding Director of The Best Practice Group of Companies including some of Australia’s leading small business programs including The Best Practice Program for Accountants, Cashflow Momentum, The Best Practice Business School for Small – Medium Business, The Investor Ready Program for Start-Ups, and Providence BSM (Buy, Sell, Merge) The Best Practice Program is a highly structured five-year journey for Accountants with more than 600 x 1-4 partner Firms having attended since 2011. Over the past 17 years, John has also advised on >120 small firms Buy, Sell and Merger transactions. The Best Practice Business School is a collaborative partnership between Accountants and Australia’s leading Business Coaches, Government & Education Bodies to provide the world’s first inclusive affordable and national collaborative framework for all SME’s to access throughout 305 local Regions right across Australia. Through these programs and collaborative partnerships, we assist Accountants and Small Business Owners to move from where they are now to where they really want to be (Business Mastery). John intends to accredit 5,000 Accountants as Best Practice Advisors over the next 5 years empowering themselves and their clients to achieve greater success and happiness in business and in life.

Since 1995, John has delivered world’s best practice consulting, growth strategies and organisational change to and advised more than 4,000 businesses across five countries, participated on advisory boards, supported various industry groups, and demonstrated an unsurpassed passion for improving the lives of small business owners and the public accountants that act as their last bastion of trusted advisor! Our SME sector provides 50% of all jobs and John believes Accountants are the key to better advice and economic reform to nurture SME’s on growth, succession and business development initiatives through best practice business advisory services.