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John Knight

Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director of businessDEPOT setting out to change the experience for both customers and team members.

As Founder and Managing Director of businessDEPOT, John is setting out to change how businesses [and the people behind them] access the advice they need to make their ideas a reality.

The beating heart of businessDEPOT is essentially an accounting and advisory business – one that just happened to win Australian Xero Accounting Partner of the Year and Diversified Firm of the Year in 2017. But businessDEPOT has evolved now to be so much more than just an accounting business … we like to think of it as the ‘one place’ for all your business needs.

businessDEPOT now also includes the provision of legal, advisory, coaching, marketing, HR and broking services. They also have put in place a collaborative referral community [we call it ‘the Collective’] of everything else a business owner may need from financial planning, finance broking and insurance to specialist consulting and technology services.

To help make the model work, businessDEPOT also operate a Coworking space and host a series of events to share expertise and insights.

John personally has over 20 years of experience providing business and accounting advice to SMEs and family businesses [including business valuations, facilitating strategy workshops and specialist consulting gigs]. From a delivery perspective, these days John focuses on the business advisory side of things with an expertise in the real estate industry and passion for helping business challenge the norm.

Topics John is passionate to talk about include:
Innovation in the accounting industry and professional services generally
EQ v IQ and the importance of a human approach to business
Marketing and brand for professional services
Multi-disciplinary and multi-service business models
The important of business leaders taking themselves out of the comfort zone [ask him about Mongolia]

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